In some sense, Main Currents of Marxism represents the major life’s work of Leszek Kolakowski and the culmina- tion of the path that began much earlier, in the. The Marxism That Failed:Main Currents of Marxism: Vol. 1, The Founders. Leszek Kolakowski; Main Currents of Marxism: Vol. 2, The Golden Age. Leszek. Main Currents of Marxism has ratings and 29 reviews. From philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, one of the giants of twentieth-century intellectual history.

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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Marx’s work has omissions and points of contention, and it is in developing these that we can continue to understand the human condition. Yes Marx is getting a second look here in an era of global economic meltdown, and that’s a good thing, if only as an antidote to the free-market triumphalist vapourings of the last generation.

James Miller – – Telos: The Proletarian as Stranger.

Interesting introduction to marxims, but a bit heavy. Stalinism as a subreligion within a religion Marxism condemned the heretic, no schism was allowed.

Main Currents of Marxism: The Founders, the Golden Age, the Breakdown

Indeed, I am tempted to re-rate previous works I have placed within the five star category as kolakodski almost seems a disservice to Kolakowski’s impressive does that even capture it? Leszek Kolakowski, a former professor of philosophy from Poland, mani working on The Foundersthe first book of his omnibus Main Currents of Marxismafter being dismissed from the University of Warsaw inprior to his acclaimed academic career in England and the United States.

For that still happens, no one can deny. I will also note that I have attempted to read this work several times over the last 30 years or so, and haven’t succeded in completing all or so pages, but I’ve gotten farther along in my current assault than ever before.


This books is encyclopedic in the volume of information it conveys, and yet it strings it all pf so that you’re following more or less chronologically, enriching each period as you go with greater and greater knowledge of all the key players.

In writing his magnum opus, Kolakowski also msin readers, thinkers, and policymakers figure out how so much of the human race fell prey to Marxism, Marxian thought, and socialist beliefs. Monthly downloads Marxidm, there are not enough data points to plot this chart.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? From the Return to Labriola to the Anti-Croce. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Apart from this, its ideology really has little in common with Marxism. The critique is not always incorrect, but ultimately, the project of Horkheimer et al. May 26, Zuri Linetsky rated it it was amazing.

Sign in Create an account. Share your thoughts with other customers. Might it be because we see capitalism as a failing system, and it’s failure is not just about the demise of a system, but it is the death bed of the human race itself in it’s constant demand for more and a blind chase to profit before everything, leading not only to the holocaust of humanity but the death of the Earth itself.

Main Currents of Marxism – Wikipedia

Dick Pels – – History of the Human Sciences 11 1: It is not so much a history of these men or their times, but that of their thought. Although he disagrees with the labor theory of value, he understands that the concept of historical materialism was a useful and important development in intellectual history. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.


Leszek Kolakowski – – Ethics min 4: Marx’s work is obviously important in the history of philosophy and currentx philosophy of history, but it should not and can not be taken as a source of dogma.

Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution. It does much very well, but it is also important to consider the book’s shortcomings. Main Currents of Marxism: The New York Review of Books. This book summaries the antecedents, expressions of Marxism and Marxist thought in every variation imaginable, and they were legion.

Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution Volume 3: He’s fair, however, and while he makes some devastating criticisms of Marxist ideas, he will acknowledge the many places where Marx, Engels, and others contributed mightily to our understanding of the world. He then gives an exposition of Marxist thought based on the writings of Marx and Engels. Main Currents of Marxism. The great value of this book is that despite its title it goes into many smaller currents of Marxist thought beyond the big ones of orthodox Social Democracy, Leninism, and Stalinism.

He concluded that Main Currents of Marxism did not give as good a sense of Marxism as an intellectual enterprise as it could have. Indeed, I have never read such a crisp, logical, and absolute synopsis dedicated to exposing that, as Trotsky himself prophesied inBolshevism itself was rotten to the core going back to the very foundation of the party itself.

How can I begin to review a book like this? Epistemic Arguments Against Dictatorship.