Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. For a list of features added to Versions 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 refer to the Welcome topic in. Interfacing Sage DacEasy Payroll with Sage DacEasy Accounting. 37 1. • Creates direct deposit files in an NPC (National Payment Corporation). Interfacing Sage DacEasy Order Entry With Sage DacEasy Accounting41 Note: If your tax dialog box does not look like the one shown in Figure

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Company names and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written permission of Sage Software Inc, North Brown Rd, Lawrenceville, Georgia Sage Software, Inc.

Printed in the United States of America. This document, the associated software, and the associated online documentation are the property of Sage Software, Inc.

Unauthorized copying or use of the software or any associated materials is contrary to the property rights of Sage Software, Inc. This material must be returned to Sage Software, Inc.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Some of the artwork in this manual is modified from illustrations provided by the Corel Corporation. Sage DacEasy Accounting is a powerful, yet easy to use, accounting system that is perfect for a growing business. You can expand Sage DacEasy Accounting with the addition of powerful add-on modules, making it the ideal out-of-the-box solution for the small business in need of robust, as well as affordable, business software.

This User s Guide assists you with setting up your company and details basic accounting processes. You are directed to the Sage DacEasy Accounting Help system for detailed instructions on performing complex or occasional processes.

Use the Contents tab or the Index tab in the Help to locate the topic. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for assistance with using the Help, documentation conventions and other methods of obtaining assistance with your software. Note If you choose to use the Sage DacEasy Business Center, and select a scheme with multiple Sage DacEasy programs, please note the following change regarding menu selections. Each module helps you keep track of vital information about your business activities.

You can use these together as fully integrated modules or use each one individually as needed to suit practically any size business. For the experienced accountant and first-time user, this design provides the foundation you need to ensure an accurate reflection of your company s ongoing financial position. The automatic interface takes care of the rest.

Sage DacEasy establishes a complete audit trail as the program processes your information. In addition, full reporting features allow you to view the information as it flows through the system. Now you can have immediate access to unposted activity using DacAccess and Crystal Reports.

And, the Billing module can update the General Ledger in detail. This feature provides you with a real-time snapshot of all bank activity, including an accurate online balance. You can reconcile your bank accounts at any time so you no longer need to wait until the next posting cycle. Now you can have immediate access to unposted bank activity in DacAccess and Crystal Reports. In previous versions you could only purge posted cleared checks during the Reconciliation routine.

Now you can use the Purge Files routine and purge posted cleared checks from the Check Register at any time, giving you more control and flexibility. For example, Description areas of transactions have been expanded to accommodate characters. Also, the Check Memo field has increased to allow you to record more detail on the memo line of your checks.

Easily Locate Cursor in Grids A border now appears around the field when entering information. The watermarks on the detail area of the transactions create ease of use to easily see where you are. These allow you to easily locate your cursor and identify where fields are located. When you accept payment, you can print a cash receipt voucher providing your customer with proof of payment. The cash receipt voucher uses a template similar to customer statements and invoices so the voucher is fully customizable to fit your business needs.


Although sometimes it is necessary to adjust an existing invoice using the Receivables or Payables Ledgers, it is often the case that the same invoice number is accidentally entered multiple times.

Version 13 helps prevent this by providing a warning when a vendor or customer invoice is created that matches an existing invoice number for that vendor or customer. But now, you can also assign each customer a minimum finance charge. The finance charge is still calculated per invoice, but if the minimum is not reached, a new finance charge is created adjusting the balance of the finance charge to the minimum amount.

You can also use this feature to assess flat finance charges rather than base the charge on an outstanding balance. For more information on generating finance charges, refer to Chapter 13, “Periodic Operations” Auto Purchase Order Quickly and easily create purchase orders that meet the criteria you specify. Now you can easily create purchase orders based on criteria such as the number of units available compared to the number of units set as your minimum level.

DacEasy Version Getting Started Guide. DacEasy Pavilion Place Norcross, Georgia PDF

And, because Sage DacEasy automatically generates the purchase order transaction for you, just imagine all the time you ll save! You can create an unlimited number of user profiles that indicate the areas of the program caceasy user can access. You can also limit the warehouses into which users can purchase, or from which users can sell. For more information, refer to Chapter 4, “Setting Up” 5. Assign seven different time frames to track when money is due from customers or due to vendors.

DacEasy Version 14 – Read Me

To further customize the adceasy, you can choose if paid invoices are included, if advances are consolidated into a single line and age the invoices by due date dacceasy invoice date.

Custom forms give your business a professional image. You can customize your billing forms, purchasing forms, checks, statements, bill of materials and labels. For more information, refer to Chapter 4, “Setting Up” Customized Lookups Allows users to select the columns that appear in lookups, and the width of each column displayed.

DacEasy Version 13. Getting Started Guide. DacEasy 1505 Pavilion Place Norcross, Georgia 30093

Reports and Forms Currently you may select whether to send a given report or form to the Printer, Screen, HTML, Excel, or whether to export the output to a comma delimited or text file. This feature adds to these options so that a form or a report can be sent to an em ail address directly from within Sage DacEasy.

Save Report Parameters Sage DacEasy remembers the values entered by users for report parameters so that they are recalled as the default values the next time the report is printed. Remove Unused AutoComplete field data Today if you accidentally type something incorrectly in an AutoComplete field there is no way to correct that mistake.

A utility has been added to remove unused AutoComplete field data. With this feature, you have a register of user activity in the system. Audit Trail records insertions, deletions, and modifications of the most relevant master and transaction tables in Sage DacEasy. This important enhancement to the security system maintains a record of who modified the information in your system, as well as what information was modified and when.

The log is available to print as you desire. Incorporate Images to Reports and Forms Strengthen your company s image and branding with more professional looking forms and reports. Now you may include your company logo on reports and forms.

In addition, this feature may reduce your company s expense of purchasing forms with your company logo pre-printed. Simply setup a bitmap image of your company Logo on the Company Information Dialog of dacexsy Sage DacEasy Module and indicate that you want this image to be printed in the header of all reports.


When you set records as inactive, these records are omitted from reports, lookups, and may not be used when making transactions. Set the status of Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Products, or Services to Inactive when you want Sage DacEasy to ignore manuaal records without physically removing them from the company database. You may change the status of Inactive to Active when you are ready to start using maual records again.

Quotes This feature provides you with the ability to create, save, and print sales quotes for prospective or existing customers. Plus upon realizing a sale, customers can convert the stored quote to an invoice which will save you time from re-entering the information. Quotes are simply a means for you to provide a printed copy of your prices, without nanual an invoice. Increased Item Code Size The Item code for products and services was increased from 14 characters to a 20 characters maximum.

This feature allows you to accommodate Inventory coding schemes for specific industries. Reports can be summarized by Account vaceasy or you can also print the detail of all transactions that are distributed to a jobs or project. Change Tax Rate on Detail Lines of Invoices This feature allows you to daceays the tax rate for each detail line on an invoice.

This is useful selling items that are subject to special surtax rates or for states that are implementing different tax rates for different goods or services. Purchase Assistant This feature allows you have smart extended description lines associated to specific products in your Inventory Products Table.

Cash Ledger The Cash Ledger feature allows you to better manage cash transactions and gain insight into the status of your bank accounts. Bank Reconciliation Simplify the bank account reconciliation process using Version Reconciliation. Sage DacEasy displays payments and deposits in separate lists, allowing you to quickly locate the transactions that you need to clear as well as identify discrepancies between your account and bank statement.

Customer Purchase History Simplify the product reorder process and make servicing your customers even easier with the new Customer Purchase Lookup feature. This feature mnual you to quickly view your customers past purchases so that you dqceasy service them intelligently and easily reorder products. Reconciliation Detail Report This new report in Sage DacEasy Accounting provides you with a clear picture of your reconciliation status for any time period.

Expanded Description Mahual This new feature allows you to type multi line text for description fields found in the transaction areas for purchase orders, merchandise receipts, purchase and sales returns, invoices, orders and sales receipts. This new expanded control allows up daaceasy 1, characters an increase from the previous version limitation of 30 characters.

Custom Subject Lines This new feature provides the ability to define a custom company mankal subject line. See Chapter 4, “Setting Up” for additional information. Methods of Payment This feature daceash you to define a list of accepted payment methods for your company.

You can then select a payment method from the list when applying payments to receipts, invoices, and payments. Sage DacEasy populates the transaction with the account you defined for the payment method, which helps ensure accurate accounting.

Add custom fields to your customer, vendor, product and service records. Print deposit slips with totals. View backorders from the customer or product record. Create an invoice from the customer s record. Adjust inventory levels with daeasy Inventory Adjustments or Physical Inventory features. Assign different Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts to customers and vendors. Track inventory costs and daceaasy at multiple warehouses.

Post general ledger and cash transactions online. Print transaction listing reports and invoices with multiple sorting and range options. Track fixed assets and generate depreciation.